Prestashop upgrade to latest 8 version

Upgrade Prestashop to 1.7 or 8.0 version, with other improvements and services. 

  • Full backup (all files and database).
  • Move images to new file system - images are stored in more folders, better performance.
  • Upgrade to latest Prestashop version (you will get detailed log file).
  • Clean old files and modules.
  • Optimisation of database (clean statistics tables and other temporary tables that may be huge and affect performance).
  • Regenerate thumbnails (needed because after upgrade the theme is changed). 
  • If you choose our new theme, you will get 20% reduction for the theme.
  • Solve issues after upgrade, if any.
  • Other services

If you are using 3rd party modules, you have to contact developers of those modules to get the latest compatible version. We DO NOT provide upgrades of themes or modules from another vendors. 

Tax included

Kč7,000.00 tax excl.

Please contact us to order this service.

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