Invoice edit

You can edit following fields in invoice (module will not change order details!):

  • Date of creation
  • Invoice number
  • Delivery slip number
  • Note
  • Discounts tax excl.
  • Discounts tax incl.
  • Shipping tax excl.
  • Shipping tax inc.
  • Products total tax excl.
  • Products total tax incl.
  • Wrappping tax excl.
  • Wrappping tax incl.
  • Total paid tax excl.
  • Total paid tax incl.

Module doesn't change order details. Normally you should always modify amounts in order via Prestashop order edit features (or 3rd party module for order editation), because those will also change the invoice. As there might be bugs using these tools in some cases, we added amount fields into our module as well, so you can use the module to fix those issues. Normally you would use our module to edit invoice number, delivery slip number or creation date.

Version: 1.7

Tax included

Kč404.96 tax excl.


Data sheet


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