This article describes how to migrate Prestashop installation from your PC (localhost) to your domain. The reverce process is pretty much the same. On localhost I'm using XAMPP, which works well for Prestashop without setting any special parameters.

1) Copy all files from from localhost to your FTP, usually into root folder or folder like "shop"

2) Backup database from localhost

Login to phpMyadmin on localhost (https://localhost/phpmyadmin/), select your database to see all the tables. Click on export tab. You can use "Quick" method to export it as .sql file or choose "Custom" and export database as compresssed file (zipped, gzipped, bzipped). I recommend compress the database, so you can upload smaller file in next step.

3) Import database on hosting server

Again, login to phpMyAdmin, select your database (usually you have to create it in administration of hosting account). Make sure your database has setup same collation (usually utf8_general_ci). Click on Import tab, select database file that you exported in previous step and click GO.

4) Change domain name and shop path in database

- Go to ps_configuration table and change PS_SHOP_DOMAIN and PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL from 'localhost' to your domain name, e.g.

- Go to ps_shop_url and change again 'domain', 'domain_ssl' fields to your domain name and 'physical_uri'. If you copied files into root folder, the path will be simply '/'.

5) Edit configuration file

For Prestashop 1.6, edit /config/ and change details for connection to new database (usually you have to change _DB_SERVER_, _DB_NAME_, _DB_USER_, _DB_PASSWD_).
For Prestashop 1.7, you have to edit /app/config/parameters.php

6) Regenerate .htaccess

Go to Preferences - SEO & URL and save this screen. It will regenerate new .htaccess. It's also better to clear cookies and browser history.


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