Link to page (new-products, specials, my-account etc.):
Prestashop 1.6:
Prestashop 1.7: {url entity='my-account' params=['edited' => 1, 'id' => $id]}

Link to category:
Prestashop 1.6: {$link->getCategoryLink()}
Prestashop 1.7: {url entity='category' id=3 id_lang=2}

Link to product:
Prestashop 1.6: {$link->getProductLink()}
Prestashop 1.7: {url entity='product' id=26}

Link to CMS page:
Prestashop 1.6
: {$link->getCmsLink()}
Prestashop 1.7: {url entity='cms' id=3 id_lang=2}

You can find more link types and their definitions in /classes/Link.php


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